April 18, 2021

Finding Resources: Free to Use & Reuse Primary Source Sets

Free to Use Reuse Primary Source Sets

These primary source sets provide just a small sample of the Library’s digital collections that are free to use and reuse. The digital collections comprise millions of items including books, newspapers, manuscripts, prints and photos, maps, musical scores, films, sound recordings and more.

Click the topic link to access each Free to Use & Reuse set from the Library. Those sets that have related sets of images found on the Library’s Flickr Photostream or sets of Library resources and/or learning resources curated/created by PSN are included in bulleted lists below the associated topic links.

19th-Century Portrait Photos
portrait photos from the C.M. Bell Studio Collection

Abraham Lincoln
highlights from the Library’s collections on Abraham Lincoln

African-American Women Changemakers
educators, activists, artists, and more

Architecture & Design
gorgeous gardens, breakthrough buildings and notable designs

Art of the Book
examples of illustration, binding, and typography from a variety of locations and historical moments

Autumn and Halloween
activities and scenery from late September through early November

Baseball cards
cards dating from 1887 to 1914

photos and illustrations of bicycles and cycling through history

featuring the Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs and many more

images of classic cars, race cars, steam-powered cars & more

photos, posters & illustrations

Cherry Blossoms
images from Japan and Washington, D.C.

Civil War Drawings
selections from Adolph Metzner Civil War Drawings

Classic Children’s Books
links to read these books online

Discovery & Exploration
maps that shaped our view of the world throughout history

pictures of canines and their humans

selection of films from the National Film Registry

Flickr Favorites
favorite images selected from the Library’s Flickr photostream

selected images

Games for Fun & Relaxation

family registers, family trees and photos, maps that document land ownership and more

Historical Travel Pictures
color images from Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Asia and the South Pacific as they appeared in the 1890s and early 1900s

images from the Library’s collections

scenes from the open range, farms, and cities as well as sports, the military, and recreation

Hotels, Motels & Inns
from Palm Springs to Paris, New York to Norway and all around the world

Ice cream
photos of ice cream parlors, ice cream advertisements and Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream recipe

Irish Americans
includes a variety of primary source types

Independence Day
reflect on how the holiday has traditionally been celebrated and also to discuss the complex history and symbols surrounding American Independence

Jazz Photos
selections from the William P. Gottlieb Collection

libraries in all shapes and sizes serving their local communities

Maps of Cities
from  individual buildings to panoramic views of large urban areas

Motion Picture Theaters
from classic theaters to beautiful historical film posters to snapshots of American moviegoing life

Not an Ostrich
photos selected for the Annenberg Space for Photography exhibition “Not an Ostrich: And Other Images from America’s Library

Poster Parade
1890s through the 1960s featuring travel, commercial products, war propaganda, entertainment, and more

Presidential Inaugurations | Presidential Papers | Presidential Portraits 
from the United States

Roadside America
selections from the John Margolies Roadside America Photograph Archive

pictures about making, selling, wearing, shining, repairing, and also needing shoes

swimming pools, beaches & more summer fun

equipment, courts, athletes and recreational players

Thanksgiving in History
select primary sources

Travel Posters

American veterans throughout history

brides and grooms from many different customs and countries in the 18th to the 20th centuries

Women’s History Month
selected images

Work in America
a wide range of people engaged in jobs from 1977 to 1998

Work Projects Administration (WPA) Posters
selections from the WPA Posters Collection

World War I Posters

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