January 6, 2021

Primary Source Learning: World War I Teaching Resources

The Teaching with Library of Congress blog provides some great primary source teaching ideas related to supporting the troops, focusing in on wartime clothing drives. Be sure to check out these World War I clothing-related posters. There are also lots more teaching resources to draw from.

American Memory Timeline: U.S. Participation in the Great War (background & primary source analysis activities)

Primary Source Learning: Personal Perspectives of World War I (primary source activities using veteran oral histories)

World War I: What Are We Fighting For Over There? (lesson plan)

On the Homefront, America During World War I and World War II (online activity)

Mobilizing Diversity During World War I Teaching with the Library of Congress May 3, 2017 (primary source analysis activity)

Collection connections

Featured sources: guided primary source analysis activities

World War I teaching resources & primary source collections

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