August 5, 2021

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Today in History: August Posts

August 1 August 2 1876: Colorado 1924: James Baldwin August 3 August 4 1492: Christopher Columbus 1753: George Washington, Master Mason August 5 August 6 1775: San Francisco, California 1858: Holmes Reaches Pikes Peak 1890: Cy Young August 7 August 8 1742: Nathanael Greene 1896: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings August 9 August 10 1814: Andrew Jackson […]

Collections Spotlight: Disability Resources

U.S. legislation Disability pride Disability Disability Law in the United States: A Beginner’s Guide Global Legal Monitor articles: disability Historical newspaper coverage: disability Disability books, reports & other texts Disability image set Blind persons image set Disability film and event video recordings Disability History Primary Source Set Emerging America More disability history resources from Emerging […]

Primary Source Learning: Science & Technology

Citizen U lessons integrating science and civics Carbon Footprints, Climate, and Civic Causes Electromagnetism, Electric Communication, and Community Mandatory Vaccinations: Yea or Nay The Scientific Method, School Shootings, and Civic Action TB or Not TB: Disease Prevention Vaccinations, Science, and the Law More lesson plans Around the World in 1896 6-8 Earth’s Changing Shape Unit […]

World Spotlight: Egypt

Egypt country study Egypt country profile BBC Egypt timeline BBC Places in the News: Lebanon July 2005 November 2011 August 2013 May 2016 Egypt primary source set World Digital Library Egypt maps Egypt image set Sheet music related to Egypt Song recordings related to Egypt Books & articles about Egypt Films & webcasts related to Egypt U.S. veteran […]

The Latest News, Events, Opportunities, Resources & PD from the Library & TPS Consortium

News & Events NEWS Library Library of Congress Adds ‘A Century of Lawmaking’ to Update Increases Accessibility, Readability of Bills and Resolutions Dating from 1799 Learn more Joy Williams Wins 2021 Prize for American Fiction Learn more TPS Consortium Black Founders Investigation The Read.Inquire.Write. team has developed a U.S. history investigation focused on the […]

Today in History: July Posts

July 1 July 2 1847: Postage Stamps 1898: The Rough Riders 1881: James A. Garfield July 3 July 4 1863: Battle of Gettysburg 1878: George M. Cohan 1776: Independence Day July 5 July 6 1810: P.T. Barnum & Circuses 1865: Salvation Army 1957: Althea Gibson & Tennis July 7 July 8 1906: Satchel Paige 1978: […]

Finding Resources: Veterans History Project

From the Library of Congress Veterans History Project Research Guide: The Veterans History Project (VHP) of the Library of Congress American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the firsthand narratives of United States military veterans from World War I through the present. In addition to unedited audio- and video-recorded oral history interviews, VHP accepts memoirs and collections of […]

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