Today in History: The Stono Rebellion

Today in History–September 9–the Library of Congress features the Stono Rebellion—the largest slave uprising in the British mainland colonies prior to the American Revolution—which occurred on this day in 1739. Find out more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access more slave insurrection primary sources and other resources related to slavery in the United States.

A narrative of the uncommon sufferings, and surprizing [sic] deliverance of Briton Hammon, a negro man 1760 | curator note

An Account of Some of the Principal Slave Insurrections (published 1860)

Negro plot: an account of the late intended insurrection among a portion of the blacks of the city of Charleston, South Carolina (published 1822)

The Confessions of Nat Turner (published 1832)

Nat Turner’s Insurrection (delivered July 30, 1889 by Geo. H. Burks, attorney and councilor at law)

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Historical newspaper coverage: slave insurrection

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