Today in History: The White House

Today in History–October 13–the Library of Congress features the White House, celebrating the date in 1792 when the first cornerstone was laid.  Learn more about the Executive mansion by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access more stories and primary sources about the United States presidential home.

White House Expense List, Thomas Jefferson, April 19, 1809

Isometrical view of the Presidents House (map, circa 1857)

White House images from the Horydczak Collection

White House images from the Highsmith Archive

More White House images

White House historical newspaper coverage

19th-century magazine articles

Thirty-six years in the White House (Lincoln to Roosevelt) by Thomas F. Pendel, door-keeper 1902

The White House Cook Book 1900

Stories from America’s Library

White House resources outside the Library

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