Today in History: Anthracite Coal Strike

Emergency hospital in anthracite coal mines
Today in History–October 3–the Library of Congress features the Anthracite coal strike. On this day in 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt met with miners and coalfield operators in an attempt to settle the five-month-old strike; he was the first U.S. president to intervene in a labor dispute. Roosevelt appointed a commission to help negotiate terms of a settlement, which they did. Just twenty days later, on October 23, 1902, the miners returned to work. Learn more about this and other coal miner labor struggles by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access more information and resources related to the Anthracite miners and other coal miners.

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Notes on the Preparation of Anthracite CoalManufacturer and Builder Volume 19, Issue 6, June 1887

Coal is King: The Supply of Anthracite Coal in PennsylvaniaThe Century; a popular quarterly Volume 55, Issue 6, Apr 1898

Map of the canals and railroads for transporting anthracite coal from the several coal fields to the city of New York (1856)

Map of Through Traffic Railway from the middle & southern anthracite coal fields of Pennsylvania to New York via Perth Amboy (1868)

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