Today in History: Chief John Ross & the Cherokee Nation

Today in History–October 3–the Library of Congress features Cherokee Chief John Ross, born on this day in 1790. Ross fought hard in Washington to preserve the Cherokee land but was ultimately unsuccessful. Learn more about his efforts by reviewing the Today in History section then click the links below to access more primary resources and stories related to the Cherokee.

Chief Little John and the “Trail of Tears” from America’s Library

From Horseshoe Bend to the Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears Powwow

The Trail of Tears Through Arkansas Sequoyah Research Center, UALR

My Grandmother Told Me We Have Indian Blood: Memory, Heritage & Native American Identity webcast video about the history of Cherokee migration and resettlement

Chief John Ross: historical newspaper coverage

Cherokee: historical newspaper coverage

George Washington Letter to Senate on Cherokee Indians

1785 Cherokee treaty

Letter from John Ross, the principal chief of the Cherokee nation, to a gentleman of Philadelphia 1838

The Cherokee question : report of the commissioner of Indian affairs to the president of the United States June 15, 1866

Cherokee image set

Maps related to the Cherokee

The Maid of Cherokee sheet music

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Cherokee Phoenix newspaper 1828-29

Cherokee Phoenix & Indians’ Advocate 1829-33

Modern-day U.S. legislation related to the Cherokee

Cherokee National Holiday In Custodia Legis blog September 1, 2016

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