Today in History: The Federalist Papers

Today in History–October 27–the Library of Congress features the Federalist Papers, the first of which was published on this day in 1787. This series of essays, 85 in all, were published in newspapers under the name of Publius but were actually written by Alexander HamiltonJames Madison, and John Jay. Their purpose, in essence, was to argue for the necessity of checks and balances in the new government. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section and accessing the resources linked to below.

Federalist Papers online

The Federalist Papers Creating the United States online exhibition item

The Federalist Madison’s Treasures online exhibition item

Alexander Hamilton’s notes for a speech proposing a plan of government at the Constitutional Convention

Thomas Jefferson letter to James Madison (November 18, 1788) praised the Federalist Papers “as being, in my opinion, the best commentary on the principles of government, which ever was written.”

The Meaning of the Federalist Papers Citizen U lesson plan

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