January 18, 2023

Primary Source Spotlight: Life on the Farm

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

Mrs. Watkins, FSA borrower, and her helper, milking cows
What was life on the farm like before large agribusiness operations began to dominate U.S. agricultural production? To get a glimpse into the past, take a look at the Today in History section for August 29, then click the links below to access a cornucopia of primary source treasures.

Farming image set

Farm life image set

Dairy farm image set

Pig farm image set

Poultry farm image set

Farming oral histories

Farming life, country life sheet music

Farming related books, reports & other texts

Farming legislation

The History of the United States Farm Bill story map

Farm related sheet music

Farm related song recordings

Farm related books, reports & other texts

Farming, Food Security and Climate Change webcast

Guided primary source analyses

Today in History: Mexican Americans & United Farm Workers of America

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