Primary Source Spotlight: Gabriela Mistral

Mathieu & Miss Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela Mistral was born as Lucila Godoy Alcayaga in Vicuña, Chile in 1889. She is the author of over twelve books of poetry and was the first Hispanic writer awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Mistral also worked as an educator and a diplomat. Learn more about this passionate poet by investigating the resources below.

Gabriela Mistral reading her poetry at the Library of Congress 1950

Oración de la Maestra by Gabriela Mistral La Revista de Taos. (Taos, Nuevo México), 21 Oct. 1921

El Placer de Servir by Gabriela Mistral La Revista de Taos. (Taos, Nuevo México), 13 Jan. 1922

Gabriela Mistral Autobiografía Gabriela Mistral Foundation

La invención de Gabriela Mistral : estrategias de autoría y proyecto poético

The 1945 Winner of the Nobel Award, Gabriela Mistral

A Celebration of Women in Poetry 4 Corners of the World 

Much More than Books: Nontraditional Sources of Chilean Literature Library of Congress Information Bulletin November 13, 1995

Gabriela Mistral brief bio (English and Spanish)

Gabriela Mistral Nobel Media

Gabriela Mistral Poetry Foundation

World Spotlight: Chile

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