Primary Source Spotlight: Robert Frost

The Gift Outright

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Robert Frost Reads Poem at JFK’s Inauguration January 20, 1961 from America’s Library

Frost Inaugural poetry

“Dedication” Robert Frost’s Presidential Inaugural Poem typescript with Frost’s holograph script corrections in ink

The Poetry of Robert Frost: “The Gift Outright” American Treasures

Robert Frost, New Hampshire curator’s note 1923

Robert Frost, “New Hampshire” excerpt

Under That Arch keepsake issued by the Dartmouth College Library on the occasion of the opening of its Robert Frost Room, April 19, 1962

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Letter from Verner W. Clapp to Robert Frost February 15, 1950

Historical newspaper coverage of the poet

Literary Birthday Celebration: Robert Frost webcast 2013/03/26

Robert Frost Named Poetry Consultant for 1958-59Library of Congress Information Bulletin May 22, 1958

National Honor Winner Caroline George writes to Robert Frost about how Frost’s poem, The Mending Wall, inspired her to fight racism

National Honor Winner Katja Martin of Georgia writes to Robert Frost about how his poem, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, influenced her life

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