October 15, 2020

Primary Source Spotlight: Helen Keller

Helen Keller, no. 8

Helen Keller from America’s Library

Autumn” poem by Helen Keller, 27 October 1893

An Ode to Autumn by a Writer in the Spring of Her Career Teaching with the Library of Congress October 19, 2017

Hellen Keller correspondence

The World I Live in by Helen Keller 1908

The Song of the Stone Wall by Helen Keller 1910

The Girl Who Found the Blue Bird: A Visit to Helen Keller by Georgette Leblanc 1914

Blue? Hellen Keller Isn’t The Seattle Star. (Seattle, Wash.), 04 Oct. 1921

More Helen Keller historical newspaper coverage

Legislation related to Helen Keller

Helen Keller image set

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