October 25, 2020

Primary Source Spotlight: V-E Day & V-J Day

V.E. Day, May 8, 1945, night illumination over K.D. [i.e., King David Hotel] & Y.M.C.A.

V-E Day celebrates the Allied World War II victory in Europe and V-J Day the victory over Japan.

V-E Day image set

V-J Day image set

V-E Day historical newspaper coverage

V-J Day historical newspaper coverage


War’s End: Eyewitness to History, Part 1 streaming webcast (transcript – search for V-E and V-J)

The End of Two Wars Folklife Today blog May 5, 2015 (V-E Day)

A Sailor, a Nurse, and a Kiss, on V-J Day Folklife Today blog February 20, 2019

“Pearl Harbor to V-J Day” The Judge Journal Advocate p. 6

What Is VE Day? BBC

V-J Day at a Glance The National WWII Museum

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