June 8, 2021

Primary Source Learning: Teaching with Primary Source Posters

The Teaching with the Library of Congress blog gives some great tips on using the WPA Poster collection with students. One idea is to have students identify persuasion techniques. For a great resource on typical advertising persuasion techniques, check out  Print Advertising Across the Centuries project. One teacher used this project as a template and created a lesson that looked at U.S. military recruitment posters. Intrigued? Be sure to check out all of the Library’s poster and graphic arts collections.

WPA Posters

Artist Posters

Performing Arts Posters

Spanish Civil War Posters

World War I Posters

Yanker Poster Collection

National Park posters

See America posters

Popular Graphic Arts


  1. there’s many posters of learning or things that you like and hang it up on the wall or a class and posters of school can give you clues about what are we talking about in school.

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