February 19, 2021

Primary Source Spotlight: Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks and Xernona Clayton

Gordon Parks was born on Nov. 30, 1912 and died on March 7, 2006. A highly influential photographer, he contributed to the Farm Security Administration, Life Magazine, and Vogue, and also wrote books and poetry, composed music, and directed movies.

Gordon Parks photographs

Trumpet Awards honorees Tom Bradley, Gordon Parks, Maya Angelou and others 1994 photograph

Gordon Parks mention in The Detroit tribune. (Detroit, Mich.), 06 Nov. 1948

Gordon Parks in Today in History

Gordon Parks Remembered Library of Congress blog November 30, 2012

Photographer Gordon Parks Donates Archives Library of Congress News Release June, 1995

Renaissance Man Gordon Parks Donates His Archives Library of Congress Information Bulletin September 4, 1995 – Vol. 54, No. 16

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