Primary Source Spotlight: Veterans Administration

Sculpture "Sentinel" at Philadelphia Veterans Administration, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Veterans Administration legislation

Veterans Administration reports & other texts

Veterans Administration oral histories

  • James Allen Alford served in Veterans Administration Facility
  • Gerald Caffrey served as a radio operator and Morse code interpreter; after retiring served as a Veterans Administration Chaplain
  • Frank Foley served in Europe but did not see action in combat; worked in years after war at Veterans Administration hospital
  • Kathryn Louis Harrrison Jones civilian worked at Veterans Administration Hospital, Marion, Illinois
  • Leland W. Smith served as Communications Officer in the Pacific Theater during World War II; subsequently worked for the Veterans Administration
  • Tristan Todd Wyatt served in Iraq, conducting route reconnaissance, raids and patrols; after working with the Veterans Administration Central Office

Veterans Bureau historical newspaper coverage through 1922

Veterans Administration image set

History of the Veterans Administration U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Herbert Hoover: Executive Order 5398 – Establishing the Veterans’ Administration The American Presidency Project

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