Guided Primary Source Analysis: Bonus Veterans

Bonus Veterans

Carefully study the details of the Bonus Veterans photograph above. Brainstorm a list of questions you would need answered in order to write an article about this image. Share your questions with an elbow partner, then investigate this primary source image set to see what questions you were able to answer. Write a brief summary of what you learned.

Work in groups to review the Washington, D.C. Evening Star coverage of the “Bonus Army” (see links below). Read the headlines and first couple of paragraphs as well as any image captions. Use what you learned to create a timeline summary of events.

Compare your findings with the information presented in the articles below. What new information did you uncover? Compare what you learned about the Bonus Army with a contemporary event and consider the following question: How does informing ourselves about the past guide us in the future?

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!

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