Primary Source Learning: U.S. History by Time Period


The U.S. History Primary Source Timeline spans nearly 400 years, covering 9 time periods. Each time period includes an overview and several subsections and each of these, in turn, provide background information and a selection of curated primary sources.

Another resource is the U.S. History by Time Period page. It is divided into 21 time periods and contains a curated set of links to Library primary source collections and resources and Primary Source Nexus posts. Learning activities and lesson plans accessible from this page are highlighted below.

Transatlantic Encounters & Colonial Beginnings

Colonial North America

American Revolution

The Early Republic

Territorial Expansion & Manifest Destiny

Transformation in Antebellum America

Civil War & Reconstruction

Origins of the New South

Western Expansion

The U.S. & the World Around the Turn of the 20th Century

Populism & Progressivism

World War I

The 1920s

The Great Depression & the New Deal

World War II

The Cold War

The 1950s

The 1960s

Politics & Economics Toward the End of the 20th Century

Society & Culture Toward the End of the 20th Century

The U.S. & the World in the 21st Century