Guided Primary Source Analysis: Monopoly Brothers Supported by the Little Consumer

The Monopoly brothers supported by the little consumer
“The Monopoly brothers supported by the little consumer.” Powers, Thomas E. Published in: New York American, April 2, 1912. Caroline and Erwin Swann collection of caricature & cartoon. Library of Congress.

What is the setting of this political cartoon? What details in the source support your conclusion?

How is the consumer depicted in this cartoon? How do the coal strikers compare to the trusts? What details in the source support your conclusions?

Gov. Osborn is literally jumping on the “Taft bandwagon” in the cartoon. What does this detail suggest about this governor? Now read the bibliographic record. What more did you learn about the political situation in 1912 commented on in this cartoon?

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!