Guided Primary Source Analysis: Great Presidential Puzzle

15--14--13. The great presidential puzzle
Wales, James Albert. “15–14–13. The great presidential puzzle.” Illus. in: Puck, v. 7, no. 158 (1880 March 17), p. 32. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs.

Look carefully at this political cartoon. What can you determine just from the information above?

Now review the cartoon’s bibliographic record and find out about the Stalwarts and the Half-Breeds by investigating the links below. After, describe new insights you now have about this political cartoon.

Learn about factions within the Republican Party as described by journalists and political commentators in 2014. How would you reinvent this political cartoon to represent the 2016 presidential election? Is your reinvention still applicable today? Why or why not?

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!