Finding Resources: America’s Library

America's Library homepage

America’s Library is filled with stories about the history and culture of the United States, richly embellished with all types of primary sources. The website is a great way to introduce younger students and lower level readers to the Library of Congress and primary sources. Kids & Families

You can access America’s Library by clicking the Kids & Families link, found in the main, center section—Collection Highlights—of the Library website homepage under the Especially for header.

Kids and Families

On the Kids and Families page, click the America’s Library link—second from the top on the left—to be directed to the America’s Library website.

America’s Library is divided into five sections, each accessible from the website homepage. Each section has it’s own homepage with links to the section’s stories as well as rotating featured primary source, trivia questions and games.

America's Library: Meet Amazing Americans

Featured stories in the Meet Amazing Americans section, along with related primary source collections from TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus are listed below.

Leaders & Statesmen

U.S. Presidents

More U.S. President primary source collections

Activists & Reformers

Adventurers & Explorers

More explorer primary source collections

Musicians & Composers

More musician primary source collections

Singer primary source collections

Opera primary source collections

Writers & Artists

More writer primary source collections

Industrialists & Entrepreneurs

Andrew Carnegie (PSN: Andrew Carnegie primary source collections)

Scientist & Inventors

More inventor primary source collections

Athletes & Entertainers

Theater primary source collections

America's Library: Jump Back in Time

Each time period in the Jump Back in Time section contains numerous stories. In addition, there is a widget that allows you to jump back in time and see events that happened in history on the day you were born. TPS-Barat has also compiled a list of themed link sets containing links to primary sources and other Library resources related to even more time periods in U.S. history. You’ll find them under the TPS-Barat Resources menu: Themed Link Sets > History > U.S. History by Time Period. Another resource is the Time Period individual primary source sets & teaching activities.

Themed link set: U.S. History by Time Period

Time Period primary source sets & teaching activities

America's Library: Explore the States

The Explore the States section includes stories about each of the 50 U.S. states. TPS-Barat has also curated lists of links to primary sources about nearly every state. You’ll find them under the TPS-Barat Resources menu: Primary Source Picks > State Spotlight.

State Spotlight

America's Library: Join America at Play

In the Join America at Play section you can find stories and sources about celebrations, vacations, sports, hobbies, and pastimes. Related content from TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus is also linked to below.

Sports primary source collections

Quilting primary source collections

Dance primary source collections

America's Library: See, Hear and Sing

The See, Hear and Sing section features films and songs.