February 18, 2021

Primary Source Spotlight: Harriet Tubman

Moses of her people - San Francisco Call

From America’s Library

Born: c. 1820, Dorchester County, Maryland
Died: March 10, 1913, Auburn, New York

Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave from Maryland who became known as the “Moses of her people.” Over the course of 10 years, and at great personal risk, she led hundreds of slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad, a secret network of safe houses where runaway slaves could stay on their journey north to freedom. She later became a leader in the abolitionist movement, and during the Civil War she was a spy for the federal forces in South Carolina as well as a nurse.

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  1. Carol Patterson-Martineau says

    It was 70 people in 12 or 13 trips. That doesn’t make her less important. But there is an enormous amount of misinformation on the web about Harriet Tubman.


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