CPS Social Studies Resources

This collection of links was specifically aligned to the Chicago Public Schools Social Science 3.0 Content Framework for grades K-10.


K, Q1 – Me, Myself and Others

K, Q2 – School And Me: Democratic Principles In Everyday Life

K, Q3 – People: The Same and Different

K, Q4 – People Working Together to Make Their Community Work

1st Grade

G1, Q1 – Family Roles in Families the Same and Different

G1, Q2 – Family and Cultural Traditions

G1, Q2 – Families Around the World

G1, Q4: Families Then & Now

2nd Grade

G2, Q1: My Community

G2, Q2: People in My Community

G2, Q4: Different Communities

3rd Grade

G3, Q1 – Before Chicago

G3, Q2 – How Chicago Came to Be

Chicago primary source collections

Chicago primary source sets

More Chicago primary sources & teaching resources

G3, Q4 – Chicago & Other Global Cities

4th Grade

G4, Q1 – History of Illinois Illinois primary sources (excluding Chicago)

G4 Q2 – Illinois Today

G4, Q3 – U.S. Regional Movement & Culture

G4, Q4 – Illinois and the World

G5, Q 1 – The Americas Before People and Early Migrations

G5, Q2 – Development of Central America and South America

G5, Q3 – Development of North America

G5, Q4 – Beginning of European Migration

6th Grade

G6, Q1, Unit 1 – Intro to Geography and Cultures

G6, Q1, Unit 2 – Everything Out of Africa

G6, Q2, Units 3 & 4 – Development of Eastern & Western Mediterranean

G6, Q4, Units 5 & 6 – Development of Western Europe & the Spread of Ideas

G6, Q4, Unit 7 – Rise of Asia

G6, Q4, Unit 8 – The Highway to Globalization

7th Grade

G7, Q1, Unit 1 – Worlds Meet: Conflict, Challenges and Change

G7, Q1, Unit 2 – Early Colonial America

G7, Q2, Unit 3 –  The Meaning of Liberty

G7, Q2, Unit 4 –  Confederation or Nation

G7, Q3, Unit 5 – Challenges of Expansion

G7, Q3, Unit 6 – War or Rebellion

G7, Q4, Units 7 & 8 – The Promise of Reconstruction & A Dream Deferred

8th Grade

G8, Q1, Unit 1 – Progress at What Cost?

G8, Q1, Unit 2 – The Changing Face of America

G8, Q2, Unit 3 – Introduction of Modernity

G8, Q2, Unit 4 – America: Emerging Power

G8, Q3, Unit 5 – World at War: Lasting Legacy

G8, Q4, Unit 7 – The Rise of America in the Modern World

G8, Q4, Unit 8 – Changing Face of the World

9th Grade

G9, Q1: Introduction to Geography & The Roots of Humankind

G9, Q2: Defining Interrogating Power

G9, Q3: Why Is There No Peace? & Current Events

G9, Q4: Facing Justice & Agents of Change

G10, Q1: An American Mosaic & the Emerging Identity of America

G10, Q2: Defining & Interrogating American Power

G10, Q3: Defining & Interrogating American Ideals

G10, Q4: Defending American Ideals & the Future of America