September 18, 2019

Today in History: Anarchist Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman, facing the camera
Today in History–February 11–the Library of Congress features anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman, who was arrested on this date in 1916 right before she was to give a lecture on family planning. A Russian immigrant, Goldman joined the labor movement after working in a New York garment factory. Later she would embrace anarchism–the political belief that all forms of government authority are undesirable and unnecessary. Learn more about this staunch advocate for individual rights by visiting the Today in History section. Then click the links below to access more primary sources related to Emma Goldman and other anarchists.

Emma Goldman image set

Topics in Chronicling America -Emma Goldman: McKinley Assassination Conspirator? (1901)

Emma Goldman historical newspaper coverage

Anarchist Incidents: timeline & select newspaper articles 1886-1920

Anarchism and other essays by Emma Goldman, 1917 (Harvard University Library)

Anarchism image set

Anarchist images from Chicago Daily News photograph collection (Chicago History Museum)

Primary Source Learning: Chicago Anarchists & the Haymarket Affair

Sacco and Vanzetti resources

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