NHD 2024: Topic Resources

Lexington and Concord

Gettysburg and Vicksburg


Spanish American War

United States Enters World War I background | primary sources

D-Day: Normandy Landings

Tonkin Gulf Incident

Drafting the Declaration of Independence

Constitution and Bill of Rights

Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments

Brown v. Board of Education

Rosa Parks and Montgomery Bus Boycott

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Selma to Montgomery March

Loving v. Virginia

Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act

LGBTQ Turning Points

Louisiana Purchase

Purchase of Alaska and Annexation of Hawaii

Berlin Wall

Marshall Plan

Chinese Exclusion Act

Immigration Quotas

Transcontinental Railroad

Panama Canal

Manhattan Project

Polio Vaccine

Sputnik and Space Race

FDR and the New Deal

Selective Service Act

Race Riots/Protests

Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Line

Trade Expansion Act of 1962

Nixon and China


Bolshevik Revolution

Camp David Accords

The Crusades

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