Today in History: Alaska Purchase

Today in History–March 30–the Library of Congress features the United States purchase of Alaska from Russia, which Secretary of State William Seward agreed to on this day in 1867. Opponents of the $7.2 million purchase called it “Seward’s Folly” but opinions changed following the discovery of gold and, later, oil. Learn more by reviewing the Today in History section, then clicking the links below.

Alaska Purchase from America’s Library

Meeting of Frontiers: Alaska – The Alaska Purchase online exhibition (English and Russian)

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Alaska Purchase timeline and select historic newspaper articles

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Senate ratification of the treaty with Russia (April 9, 1867)

Speech of Hon. Charles Sumner, of Massachusetts, on the cession of Russian America to the United States (1867)

The Alaska purchase. Letter of Hon. Joseph S. Wilson, commissioner of the General land office (May 12, 1868)

Purchase of Alaska. Speech of Hon. Leonard Myers, in the House of Representatives (July 1, 1868)

House Alaska purchase appropriation approval (July 14, 1868)

Today in History: Alaska primary sources & more