January 25, 2023

NHD 2023 – Frontiers in History: Ideas Resource Sets

Last Updated on September 13, 2022

The 2023 National History Day theme is Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas. A frontier may represent the outermost limits of a defined body of knowledge or a new field waiting to explored.

While considering topics for history fair projects, keep the following questions from the NHD 2023 themebook in mind.

  • What factors contributed to the development of a frontier?
  • Why did the frontier emerge?
  • How did the frontier change?
  • When did it cease to be a frontier?
  • What impact did the frontier have on the people who experienced it, and how did they affect it?




  1. is there any stuff on murders or killing or wales/knights

  2. metro boomin

  3. real

  4. eli quandale jackson says

    do you have stuff on gambling

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