Primary Source Spotlight: Flight & Planes

Airplanes in the Making

The Dream of Flight online exhibition

With Wings as Eagles: From Fantasy to Flight (primary source sets documenting the history of flight)

Today in History: Wright Brothers First Flight

Early Women in Aviation 1910-19: Topics in Chronicling America

American Female Pilots 1911-21: Topics in Chronicling America

Harriet Quimby 1911-12: Topics in Chronicling America

Katherine Stinson the Flying Girl 1912-20: Topics in Chronicling America

Today in History: Charles Lindbergh

Primary Source Spotlight: Amelia Earhart

Primary Source Spotlight: Tuskegee Airmen

All-American news [1945-03, no. 1]: includes segment about black pilots and bombardiers (the 477th Composite Group) training at Freeman Field, Indiana.

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Airplane images

Select airplane newspaper coverage New York Times & New York Tribune 1916-1919

Airplane historic newspaper coverage through 1922

Airplane flight historic newspaper coverage through 1922

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Colonel Roosevelt is invited to fly in Arch Hoxsey’s plane at St. Louis, Mo., 1910 film

TR’s sons’ regiments during war 1917-1918 film

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U.S. legislation related to airplanes

Boeing: 100 Days of Learning learning resources related to flight