September 14, 2022

Latest News, Events, Opportunities, Resources & PD from the Library & TPS Consortium

News Library 2022 Literacy Award Winners and Honorees Librarian of Congress Dr. Carla Hayden has selected 3 top winners and 12 Successful Practices Honorees for this year. Read all about it! Jason Reynolds: He's Back!  Find out what he did this summer and his plans for the school year in the September 2022 Grab the Mic Newsletter. | Read TPS Consortium Reigniting Purpose with Primary Sources: Healing and Thriving for Educators DePaul University’s Office of Innovative … [Read more...]

Literature Links: Book Backdrops

Book Backdrops are teacher-curated primary source sets linked to books and accompanied by teaching ideas and/or teaching notes. They are continually added to the TPS Teachers Network using the album tool. A sampling of some great ones are listed below. All of the ones included here are accessible by anyone. But if you want to search for others and access comments on the sets from Network members, you'll need to login or join this free educational online community. TPS Teachers Network Book … [Read more...]

TPS Spotlight: TPS Teachers Network

The TPS Teachers Network, is a free professional social media platform, funded by a grant from the Library of Congress, designed to host and facilitate conversations, connections, and collaborations among educators of all stripes—teachers, professors, librarians, pre-service teachers, administrators, and more—all focused on using primary sources to improve student learning. Through a variety of content-focused and grade-level groups, members share primary source materials and teaching … [Read more...]