TPS Spotlight: TPS Teachers Network

The TPS Teachers Network, is a free professional social media platform, funded by a grant from the Library of Congress, designed to host and facilitate conversations, connections, and collaborations among educators of all stripes—teachers, professors, librarians, pre-service teachers, administrators, and more—all focused on using primary sources to improve student learning.

Through a variety of content-focused and grade-level groups, members share primary source materials and teaching strategies with colleagues across the nation who want to teach more effectively with primary sources. This free, password-protected environment also provides users the opportunity to interact with Library of Congress professionals, the Library’s grantees and institutional partners, and a cadre of supporting Network mentors. To learn more, check out TPS Network highlights linked to from the Citizen U Bulletin.

In addition to facilitating a wide range of professional conversations, the TPS Teachers Network provides an album tool for the collection and curation of digitized primary sources and the creation of primary source sets with accompanying teaching ideas. Network members can export these albums to use in their classrooms and to share with colleagues within and outside of the Network.

If you’re already a member, login and join the latest conversations. If you’re not yet a member, register to discover and share the power of teaching with primary sources!

Below is a video introduction to the TPS Teachers Network.

Introduction and Homepage Overview – 0:00

What Happens in the TPS Teachers Network – 4:57

Groups in the TPS Teachers Network – 07:07

Helpful Features – 9:43

Adding Content – 11:20

Albums – 12:56

Getting Started – 15:49