Primary Source Spotlight: Muskogee (Creek) Nation

Constitution and Laws of the Muskogee Nation

A Grant of Indian Territory from the Upper Creek Indians as also the Lower Creeks and Seminoles to Colonel Thomas Brown Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern District of North America

Articles of Convention and Agreement between the United States and the Undersigned Chiefs and Head-men of the Muskogee or Creek Nation of Indians February 14, 1833

Causes, &c. of Indian hostilities of Creek Indians June 2, 1836

Unallotted Lands of the Creek Nation letter of the officers of the Creek nation to Senator Robert L. Owen urging the passage of the joint resolution 1916

Turner v. United States and Creek Nation of Indians 1918-19

Muskogee and Northeastern Oklahoma includes history of Indian Territory and tribes along with various Indian treaties 1922

Contemporary U.S. legislation related to Creek Indians

U.S. historical newspaper coverage of Muscogee Nation treaties

Indian Territory historical newspapers

Rough sketches of the Creek Country 1816

Creek & Seminole Nations, Indian Territory 1902 map

Muskogee/Creek images

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