Finding Resources: What’s Available When Is Offline

Sometimes and some of its associated sites are not available. Whether that’s because of maintenance or a government shutdown, don’t despair. Here are some ways to access great Library resources.

legislative information on available

Library of Congress Flickr account

image sets available, including access to larger images and bibliographic information

Library of Congress YouTube channel

videos available

PSN primary source activities

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

While this site generally will not provide access to individual primary sources (there are exceptions), it can be used to access web-page content. Just copy and paste a Library of Congress URL ending in .htm, .html, .asp, or .aspx (and some URLs without an extension ending) into the search box at the top of the Wayback Machine calendar page and click the “Go Wayback” button.

The pages are navigable within the archive so long as a web page capture was made at least once in the past.

  • America’s Library: background information and many larger primary source images available
  • Online Exhibitions: When browsing through the interactive exhibitions, be sure to click the Go to HTML Version link located towards the upper, right corner of the page under the menu bar; some individual primary source items available.
  • American Memory Timeline: background information available; individual primary source items not available
  • Collection Connections: activity ideas and background information available; individual primary source items not available
  • Everyday Mysteries: informational text and many primary source images available
  • TPS Consortium: many TPS partners offer resources on their websites that include activities with printable primary sources or otherwise not dependent on links from the Library website
  • Library of Congress blogs: blog content, including associated images, available; links to individual primary source items not available