January 29, 2015

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"Red" Harold Grange

Primary Source Spotlight: Football

This primary spotlight shines a light on the sport of American football. National Football League background information and links Library of Congress Business Reference Services Turf Wars on the Football Field Inside Adams blog post February 1, 2013 Topics in Chronicling America – The 1905 Movement to Reform Football More historic newspaper coverage of football through 1922 […]

Herbert Hoover

Presidential Spotlight: Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover brief bio Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover: American Famine relief Campaign song of Herbert Hoover 1829 presidential opponent Herbert Hoover 1930 judicial nomination of John Parker Herbert Hoover inauguration primary source set Herbert Hoover: Executive Order 5398 – Establishing the Veterans’ Administration The American Presidency Project Herbert Hoover mentions in the Foreign Affairs Oral […]

Sculpture "Sentinel" at Philadelphia Veterans Administration, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Primary Source Spotlight: Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration legislation Veterans Administration reports & other texts Veterans Administration oral histories James Allen Alford served in Veterans Administration Facility Gerald Caffrey served as a radio operator and Morse code interpreter; after retiring served as a Veterans Administration Chaplain Frank Foley served in Europe but did not see action in combat; worked in years after war […]

Round the world with Nellie Bly--The Worlds globe circler

Featured Source: Round the World with Nellie Bly

Zoom into a more detailed image of this source. Explain what you can determine about Nellie Bly just by looking at this source (be sure to point out the details that support your findings). Read the following articles to learn more about Nellie Bly, Jules Verne and Elizabeth Bisland. Describe what you learned. Nellie Bly from America’s Library “Bly […]


February No-Cost Training: Teaching with Primary Sources Level 1

Our current online workshop is going so well, we decided to do it again in February. TPS-Barat will offer free educator training on teaching with primary sources from the Library of Congress digital collections. This online professional development training will cover finding and accessing Library resources as well as adapting and implementing primary source activities. The virtual workshop will feature independent work […]

Has the war ruined the country?

Featured Source: Has the war ruined the country?

Read the headline and the four lines of text just under the headline. Then look at the footer text at the bottom of this page. Who do you think was the audience for this broadside? Explain the reasoning behind your conclusion. (Hint: If you need help answering this, there is one particular word that you should […]

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