November 19, 2022

Today in History: Carrie S. Burnham

Last Updated on April 4, 2020

Today in History–April 4–the Library of Congress features Carrie S. Burnham, who continued to present her arguments before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on the right of women to vote on this day in 1873. Learn more about her appeal and the suffrage movement by visiting the Today in History section, then clicking the links below.

Carrie Burnham Argued for the Right to Vote America’s Library

The argument of Carrie S. Burnham before Chief Justice Reed, and Associate Justices Agnew, Sharswood and Mercur, of the Supreme court of Pennsylvania, in banc, on the third and fourth of April 1873

The elective franchise. The argument of Carrie S. Burnham

Women at the Bar: Fair Ones Who Write Briefs and Argue Cases The Wichita Daily Eagle. (Wichita, Kan.), 14 April 1892

Historical newspaper coverage: Carrie Burnham through 1875

Historical newspaper coverage: Carrie Kilgore 1876-1910

Primary Source Spotlight: Woman Suffrage

Primary Source Learning: Women’s Road to the Vote

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