December 16, 2018

Featured Source: Women’s Rights National Historical Park

Zoom into left half of this map (.pdf or online) to answer the following questions about the Women's Rights National Historical Park.Where is it and how would you get there from where you live? Why did the National Park Service choose this location? What would you do if you visited the park?Read the timeline half of the map (.pdf or online), then choose one section to research further. Search for the event or person on this website and elsewhere. Prepare a brief presentation on … [Read more...]

Primary Source Spotlight: Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan photosBetty Friedan The Feminine Mystique 1963A Conversation with Betty Friedan streaming webcast'The Revolution Is Not Over' Betty Friedan on Women Changing America Library of Congress Information Bulletin April 2005 - Vol. 64, No. 4109 HRES 695 IH: Honoring the life and accomplishments of Betty Friedan109 HCON 475 IH: To congratulate the National Organization of Women on its 40th anniversaryFirst Measured Century: Interview: Betty Friedan PBSBetty … [Read more...]