August 7, 2020

Citizen U Bulletin: Volume 1, Issue 11

Bulletin   Volume 1, Issue 11 CIVICS IN ACTION Citizen U Weaving civics across grades and disciplines Click the links to access, use and rate New Lessons: Emerging America & KidCitizen   Ancient Rome’s Veterans with Disabilities: Roman Accounts and U.S. Veteran Comparisons Students compare how two societies separated by … [Read more...]

Primary Source Learning: Community Helpers Then & Now Primary Source Set

Click the images to access them and print or add to a digital folder or platform. Have students match the primary source images of community helpers from long ago and now. Then have students draw a picture of themselves as community helpers and/or a community helper in their community and share stories about those people. Related resources Community Helpers interactive lesson KidCitizen Analyzing Primary … [Read more...]