Primary Source Learning: Community Helpers Then & Now Primary Source Set

Community Helpers

Click the images to access them, then print or add to a digital folder or platform. Have students match the primary source images of community helpers from long ago and now. Then have students draw a picture of themselves as community helpers and/or a community helper in their neighborhood and share stories about those people.

Dr. Allen and Miss Page both of the AMERICAN RED CROSS, examining a little patient police woman, kneeling Jewish children listening to A Legend of the Northern Lights Teacher uses experience to help developmentally disabled children
School back in session for base children Children crossing street with police officer Three New York City fire fighters in front of burning building Veterinarian examining cow
Grocery store of Fred Gauer Veterinarian Karl Solverson, left, examines, and farmer Ryan Dunnum restrains, a sheep with foot trouble Dr. McCarl, Greenbelt dentist, treating a young patient Nursing a sick child
 Mr. Trashman Curbside Collections Nurse treating child in health clinic OAV Food Drive at Heritage Middle School At the farmworkers' community at Indio, California, the newly-acquired school bus picks up one of its three loads of fifty children
Washington, D.C. Firehouse Station No. 4. Firemen do not wait for the truck to come to a halt when they approach a fire Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden while head of Pratt Library Integration in D.C. Schools Doug Owens waits on customer
An Iraqi doctor checks a child's throat Food boxes placed to stores to receive contributions for Bonus Army Mail resumed within hours after opening Westwood during the San Diego fires Horse and sled of a garbage and rubbish collector

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