November 20, 2022

Today in History: Homestead Act

Today in History–May 20–the Library of Congress features the Homestead Act, signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on this day in 1862. Designed to spur Western migration, the Homestead Act allowed U.S. citizens 21 years and older to earn 160 acres of land by paying a $10 filing fee and living on and farming the land for five years.  Learn more about the Homestead Act by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access related primary sources. Speech by U.S. … [Read more...]

Learning from the Source: Indian Territory Resettlement

In his article, "Thinking Like an Historian", from the TPS Quarterly archive (now the TPS Journal), Sam Wineburg points out how many students' view of history—memorization—diverges from that of historians—investigation—and offers advice for using primary sources to engage students in the "historical approach". Doing so will help students make more authentic and lasting connections to important historical themes and events as well as give them practice in key Common Core State Standards in … [Read more...]