November 20, 2022

Primary Source Learning: Chicago Anarchists & the Haymarket Affair

Overview Haymarket Affair Digital Collection—presents original manuscripts, broadsides, photographs, prints and artifacts regarding the Haymarket Affair, an 1886 conflict between labor protestors and members of the Chicago police force. Materials document the events leading up to the May 1886 riot, the arrest and trial of those accused of throwing a bomb that killed several police officers, and the appeal process for those convicted of the bombing, including the eventual pardon of those … [Read more...]

Guided Primary Source Analysis: The Red Flag or the Anarchists of Chicago

Using only specific details from this primary source, what type of person is an anarchist? Use the Primary Source Nexus search bar to find out more about the Chicago anarchists. Describe three things you learned and two things you would like to learn more about. There is a post on the Primary Source Nexus that features another anarchist. Who is the person? Describe three things you learned about the person and two things you would like to learn more about. What other observations, … [Read more...]

Today in History: Anarchist Emma Goldman

Today in History–February 11–the Library of Congress features anarchist and feminist Emma Goldman, who was arrested on this date in 1916 right before she was to give a lecture on family planning. A Russian immigrant, Goldman joined the labor movement after working in a New York garment factory. Later she would embrace anarchism--the political belief that all forms of government authority are undesirable and unnecessary. Learn more about this staunch advocate for individual rights by visiting … [Read more...]