November 19, 2018

Primary Source Spotlight: Race Riots

Wilmington, North Carolina 1898 race riot1898 newspaper coverageNew York City 1900 race riotsAugust, 1900: select newspaper articles more 1900 newspaper coverageAtlanta, Georgia 1906 race riot1906 newspaper coverage E. W. Evans oral history transcript Atlanta riot recollections Letter from Francis Jackson Garrison to Booker T. Washington concerning the Atlanta Riot October 7, 1906 Mary White Ovington covered the Atlanta riot Journalist Ray Stannard Baker … [Read more...]

Featured Source: 1900 Gold Medal flour ad

Review these advertising persuasion techniques. Describe the technique(s) you find present in this 1900 newspaper advertisement for Gold Medal flour that appeared in the New-York Daily Tribune.Review the headlines on this page and scan the articles (online | .pdf). Do you think the audience for the articles is the same audience that Gold Medal flour executives were hoping to reach? Why or why not?Do you think this advertisement was likely to have been successful in 1900? Why or why not? … [Read more...]

Featured Source: condition of the descendants of former African slaves

Why is the information provided in both English and French?The pie graph gives statistics for which group of people?Using the information provided in this text as well as the bibliographic record to determine one or more purposes of this text.What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!More items from this W.E.B. collectionGeorgia Negro charts created by W.E.B. Du BoisPrimary Source Spotlight: W.E.B. Du Bois … [Read more...]