July 31, 2022

Collections Spotlight: Disability Resources

Last Updated on July 30, 2022

Disability Justice

U.S. legislation

Disability Law in the United States: A Beginner’s Guide

Global Legal Monitor articles: disability

Historical newspaper coverage: disability

Disability books, reports & other texts

Disability awareness image set

Disability image set

World War I Era Disability Photos

Blind persons image set

Disability film and event video recordings

Disability History Primary Source Set Emerging America

More disability history resources from Emerging America

Disabled Veterans: The Unhealed Wounds stories from the Veterans History Project

Primary source set to accompany BackStory Podcast “Body Politics: Disability in America”

Disability Awareness for Children Pre-K through Sixth Grade resource guide

Disability History Museum

Accessibility Aids primary source set

EveryBody: An Artifact History of Disability in America Smithsonian online exhibit

Louis Braille: His Legacy and Influence online exhibition

Blind primary source set

Conversation with 75 year old woman, Zuni, New Mexico audio recording

Deaf primary source set

Finding Pictures: Deaf History Month webinar recording

Poetry of Silence: 2019 National Book Festival video recording

Primary Source Spotlight: Helen Keller

Topics in Chronicling America timelines and select newspaper articles

Library blog posts

Teaching resources

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