May 10, 2022

Primary Source Spotlight: Three-Fifths Compromise & the Northwest Ordinance

Last Updated on December 14, 2021

Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3

U.S. Constitution Article I Section 2 Clause 3

Fragment of an original letter on the slavery of the negroes; written in the year 1776, by Thomas Day, Esq

James Madison correspondence related to slavery

Madison Debates, Avalon Project

The Constitution a pro-slavery compact; or, Extracts from the Madison papers, etc. selected by Wendell Phillips 1856

Mysteries of Madison’s Notes of the Constitutional Convention streaming webcast (search the transcript for mentions of slavery)

Extract from an Address to the people of the state of New-York, on the subject of the federal Constitution John Jay 1788

The Apportionment of Members Among the States: Federalist No. 54 Tuesday, February 12, 1788

A Compact for the Good of America? Slavery and the Three-Fifths Compromise Black Perspectives, African American Intellectual History Society

Northwest Ordinance

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