Guided Primary Source Analysis: Pulling Down the Statue

Pulling Down the Statue

Take a close look at this image to notice small details as well as the bigger picture. Then fill out an Event Happenings worksheet. Next, review the complete work and the source record. What more did you learn?

Now look closely at two more images of the same event; the first is a modified image of the first and the second is an entirely different image. Be sure to look closely. What do you learn from the images and source records? Compare and contrast the images as well as the information you learned from the source records and summarize your findings. What questions would you want answered to help you learn more about his event?

Click the links below and read the articles to investigate a related contemporary event. Write an op-ed article (see resources below) that links your study of the past to the present situation. Be sure to make arguments that will persuade your audience (schoolmates, local community members, state legislators, etc.) to align themselves to your viewpoint.


Op-Ed resources

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!