World Spotlight: Palestine

Palestina, siue Terræ Sanctæ descriptio

Palestine historical maps

Palestine images

Historical newspaper coverage of Palestine

Palestine; or The Holy Land 1824

The History of Palestine 1851

Palestine Past and Present 1859

“Those holy fields.” Palestine, illustrated by pen and pencil 1874

A Palestine pilgrimage 1922

Report on the State of Palestine to Mr. Churchill March 28, 1921

Rights in Palestine 44 Stat. 2184; Treaty Series 728 December 3, 1924 – December 5, 1925

Palestine: The Arab Case statement made by the Delegation of the Arab Higher Committee before the first committee of the General Assembly of the United Nation’s Organization on 9th May 1947

Palestine Pamphlet Collection booklets covering the history of Palestine, under the British mandate, prior to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948

Arabs of Palestine British Survey May, 1950

Oral histories related to the “Palestine question” Frontline Diplomacy collection

Political cartoons

Selected Palestine primary sources (English descriptions from the World Digital Library)

Selected Palestine primary sources (Arabic descriptions from the World Digital Library)

Palestine: Future Borders Global Legal Monitor Nov. 2, 2007

International Criminal Court: Prosecutor Declares It Lacks Jurisdiction to Determine Whether Palestine Is a State April 13, 2012

Palestinian Territory, occupied: Possibility of Joining the International Criminal Court Global Legal Monitor Oct. 15, 2014

Palestine mentions in Israel: A Country Study

Palestinian Territories Profile BBC

Palestinian Territories Timeline BBC

The Moral Conscience of the World: The United Nations and Palestine in 1947 webcast

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