Today in History: Ralph Bunche

Today in History–December 9–the Library of Congress features Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche, who died on this date in 1971. This trailblazing U.S. diplomat took over as mediator of the Palestine mission in 1948 and successfully negotiated an end to the first Arab-Israeli War the following year. In addition to his work with the United Nations, Bunche served as a board member for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for 22 years. Learn more about this peacemaker  by visiting the Today in History section, then review the Library resources listed below related to Bunche and Palestine. You might also be interested in reviewing the United Nations ongoing work on the “question of Palestine“.

Ralph Bunche primary source set TPS Teachers Network album

Diplomats’ recollections of Ralph Bunche Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection

Ralph Bunche historical U.S. newspaper coverage

U.S. contemporary legislation related to Ralph Bunche

Dr. Ralph Bunche, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Peace Negotiator In Custodia Legis blog December 8, 2017

Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey (PBS)

The Moral Conscience of the World: The United Nations and Palestine in 1947 webcast

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