October 14, 2019

Featured Source: The Brownies’ Book

The Brownies' Book February, 1920

In a group, complete a quick primary source analysis of the image above to note what you see, what you think or feel about what you see, and any questions that you have. Based on your analysis, what do you think the Brownies’ Book was and why do you think it was created? Then review this page from the Brownies’ Book. What more did you learn about the Brownies’ Book was and why it was created from the page? As you answer each question, be sure to point to evidence from the source in your response.

Have each group member choose 1 page image from the Brownies’ Book gallery (images 41-68 only) to read and analyze. In what way does the content of each page relate to the image above? What more did you learn about the Brownies’ Book and why it was created from each page? Summarize your conclusions using evidence from the pages.

Compare your conclusions with the information presented on this page. Do you think the page provides a good description of the Brownies’ Book? What else might you add to the description? What kinds of content would you add if you were creating a modern-day Brownies’ Book?

What other observations, reflections or questions does this source inspire? Let us know!

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