October 26, 2021

World Spotlight: Russia & the former Soviet Union

Last Updated on April 4, 2018

Russia--administrative divisions

These primary source collections relate to Russia as well as the former Soviet Union.

Russia primary source set World Digital Library

Soviet Union primary source set World Digital Library

Treaty on the Creation of the Soviet Union — Signed, Sealed, and Delivered? In Custodia Legis blog January 8, 2013

Meeting of Frontiers, Russia & America in Alaska bilingual, multimedia English-Russian digital library

Prokudin-Gorskii Collection color photos from the Russian empire 1905-1915

Time Travel: Russia A Hundred Years Ago 4 Corners of the World blog May 3, 2017

Revelations from the Russian Archives online exhibition

Russian Photographs, 1992-2002: Reflections online exhibition

More Russia images

Soviet Union image set

Russian maps

Military successes of The Red Army in the Russian Civil War of 1917 to 1922

Soviet Union maps

The Kremlin: Frontline Diplomacy: The Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection

Russian song recordings

Russia-related sheet music

Russia-related films & webcasts

Maxim Gorky, Russian Author – Revolutionary, Visits the US 1906 historical newspaper coverage

Timeline & select newspaper articles: Czar Nicholas II (1894-1921)

Timeline & select newspaper articles: Russo-Japanese War (1904-1906)

Russia historical newspaper coverage in U.S. newspapers

Soviet Union historical newspaper coverage in U.S. newspapers

Russia-related books & other texts

Soviet-Union-related books & other texts

Russia country profile

Russia country study

Soviet Union (former) country study

Russia-related U.S. legislation

Soviet-Union-related U.S. legislation

Russian Federation Guide to Law

Stalingrad: Understanding the Global Impact of the Eastern Front in WWII Teaching with the Library of Congress blog March 14, 2018

Related primary source sets

Teaching resources

More World Spotlight collections


  1. Glenn Jensen, NBCT says

    There is a treasure trove of items here suitable for the classroom. Great work!

    • TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus says

      Thanks, Glenn. TPS-Barat encourages everyone to let us know what Library sources they are using and how they are using those sources.

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