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Vietnam War song recordings

  • DaNang Lullaby” 1965, song about “Operation Rolling Thunder,” sung by James P. “Bull” Durham, who served as a pilot during the Vietnam War
  • Jolly Green” 1968, sung by James P. “Bull” Durham “Jolly Green Giant” was a nickname for the Sikorsky HH-3E helicopter, used extensively to insert and extract troops during the Vietnam War
  • Tchepone” 1971, song about the bombing of Tchepone, Laos, during the Vietnam War sung by Chuck Rosenburg

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Hannah Arendt Papers related to Vietnam War, 1965-68

The famous & the war in Vietnam

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Herb Block

Jules Feiffer

Bill Mauldin

Pat Oliphant

Vaughn Shoemaker

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Edmund Valtman

Clifford H. (Baldy) Baldowski Editorial Cartoon Collection related to Vietnamese Conflict 1961-1975 Digital Library of Georgia

1962-63 historical newspaper coverage of Vietnam

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