October 22, 2019

Today in History: Siege of Fort Meigs

Plan of Fort Meigs' and its environs
Today in History–May 9–the Library of Congress features the siege of Fort Meigs by Shawnee military leader Tecumseh and British general Henry A. Proctor on this day in 1813.  But the invaders were unsuccessful as General William Henry Harrison held onto the fort that he had ordered built on the Maumee River above Toledo, Ohio. Learn more by visiting the Today in History section, then click the links below to access primary sources related to Fort Meigs, William H. Harrison, and Tecumseh by clicking the links below.

Plan of Fort Meigs’ and its environs

Books and articles about Fort Meigs

Letter describing battle at Fort Meigs (James Young Love to Eliza Tunstal) 1813-05-10

William Henry Harrison primary source set

Tecumseh image set

Books about Tecumseh

Ceremonial pipe, attributed to Tecumseh

Shawnee Indians primary source set

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