September 9, 2020

Today in History: Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster addressing the United States Senate, in the great debate of the Constitution and the Union 1850
Today in History–March 7–the Library of Congress features Senator Daniel Webster, who delivered his famous “Seventh of March” speech on this date in 1850. The speech advocated for sectional compromise on the issue of slavery and the legislation package now referred to as the Compromise of 1850. Learn more about this politician and the debate about slavery by visiting the Today in History section and clicking the links below.

Daniel Webster image set

Political cartoons related to Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster “Seventh of March” speech (speech notes)

Daniel Webster’s reply to Hayne, 1830

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Webster–Ashburton Treaty Aug. 9, 1842

James Madison to Daniel Webster (correspondence 1825-1833)

Daniel Webster historic newspaper coverage through 1853

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